Hello, I'm Thomas Watkins

Hello! I’m Thomas Watkins, the visionary behind 3Leaf. Every creation, whether it’s a product or a service, contributes to the fabric of our world. To make it truly shine, we must consider its interactions with the very people it aims to serve. This belief inspired the birth of 3Leaf—a design haven dedicated to fostering connections and simplifying interactions. Join us on this mission where trust, innovation, and a passion for seamless experiences come together.

In a world where usability is often overlooked, leading to unexpected expenses and overlooked potential, I’ve established 3Leaf with one guiding principle: the user comes first. Why? Because a flawless user experience paves the way for success—for businesses and the people they serve alike.

Based in Houston, TX, I’m more than just a founder; I’m a visionary, a voice, and a dedicated advocate for clarity in our ever-evolving digital landscape. My journey has consistently revolved around uniting technology and design psychology, guaranteeing that business ambitions and human-centered design stride forward hand in hand.

Over the years, I’ve worn many hats from crafting interfaces for mobile platforms and designing SaaS system architectures to diving deep into usability research and mastering the art of data visualization. My expertise centers on transforming complex concepts into accessible, actionable insights, empowering visionaries like you to transform brilliant ideas into tangible realities.

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Join me, as we craft digital experiences that resonate, engage, and transform.


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