Our Work

JanuaryAdvisors Social Services Portal

Key Challenge

The main challenge was to design an interface that could effectively display a diverse range of public services with unique features and requirements, in a way that was accessible and useful to those in need. The interface needed to be simple yet comprehensive, considering the limited resources typically available for public service software development.

Client Profile


Data science and software development

A small Houston-based firm, JanuaryAdvisors specializes in local projects with a focus on data science and software development. They are known for their work in the non-profit sector, addressing community needs through technology.

3Leaf's Approach

Initial Assessment

Our team began by immersively studying the range of services needed by users and understanding how people search for this information. This included familiarizing ourselves with the manual search processes for these records.

Strategy Development

We crafted standard patterns for displaying and searching public services, incorporating novel features to enhance user experience. This included anticipating and highlighting unique attributes of services that could affect accessibility, such as specific product requirements or availability in multiple languages throughout office locations.

Design and Implementation

Our plan was to provide JanuaryAdvisors with design specifications that were straightforward, reusable, and scalable. The team created context scenarios, continually testing them with target users to ensure natural user flow. The outcome was a clear and efficient framework that could be easily interpreted and implemented by software developers of varying skill levels.


User Interface Framework:

Development of a framework that was simple yet comprehensive, catering to the public’s need for finding social services.

Modernized Visual Design:

Implementation of a modernized visual design to enhance the software’s appeal and usability.

Design Specifications:

Creation of clear and straightforward design specifications, ensuring easy interpretation, reusability, and scalability by software developers.

Research and Familiarization:

Deep research into the scope of services needed by users and how they search for information.

Wireframing and Prototyping:

Regular wireframing and prototyping to iteratively refine the design based on user feedback.

Card-Sorting Studies:

Conducting card-sorting studies using “Optimal Workshop” for effective test administration and data collection.

Collaboration with Product Teams:

Weekly meetings with the product team to align on design and strategy, and frequent testing of ideas with actual users.


08. Strategic Guidance:

Assisting with strategic guidance of the software direction due to the busy schedules of product managers.

Outcome and Results

Before and After Comparison

The project transformed a previously unavailable online interface into a functional and user-friendly portal, giving the public access to crucial social services information in Houston.

Client Testimonial

JanuaryAdvisors were equipped with a prototype, design guidelines, and specifications that set a clear direction for the next phase of the portal's development. This foundation was pivotal in enhancing the accessibility and usability of the online portal for social services.

Lessons Learned

Challenges Overcome

A significant challenge was designing for a use case with no established digital norms, requiring us to innovate from the basics. We also had to ensure our design was feasible for implementation by development teams with potentially limited resources.

Insights Gained

The project broadened our understanding of the non-profit sector and the unique opportunities for UX improvements within this field. It emphasized the importance of creating adaptable and straightforward designs that can be easily implemented and scaled.


3Leaf delivered a mockup and design specifications that enabled JanuaryAdvisors to build a new, functional online portal for social services in Houston. This project marked a significant step forward in making essential services more accessible to the public.

The successful completion of this project led to further collaboration with JanuaryAdvisors, including a subsequent project with LISC. The ongoing relationship and continued work demonstrate the value and impact of our initial project with JanuaryAdvisors in the field of social services.

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