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Tracts.co UX Enhancement

Key Challenge

The primary challenge was the obscurity of Tracts.co’s use case in land ownership verification for oil drilling, lacking established digital interface norms. The project required innovative design metaphors to translate complex legal and land ownership data into intuitive digital interfaces.

Client Profile


Cloud platform

Tracts.co is developing a unique software product aimed at the oil and gas industry, specifically targeting the upstream phase of land acquisition for drilling. Their software serves to simplify the intricate process of determining land ownership before drilling can start.

3Leaf's Approach

Initial Assessment

Our team began by immersing ourselves in the study of legal documents and the manual process of land ownership record searches. This deep dive into the core of Tracts.co’s operations was crucial for understanding their user needs.

Strategy Development

We conducted frequent meetings with both stakeholders and users to develop a user-centric design. This involved ideating through context scenarios and testing them with target users to ensure natural and logical process flows. The design process was guided by analogies derived from manual processes and insights from interviews with attorneys engaged in this work.

Design and Implementation

We iteratively developed data visualization sketches and wireframes, refining them through continuous feedback from the Tracts.co team and target users. Our efforts culminated in a prototype, design guidelines, and specifications that outlined the direction for Tracts.co’s next development phase. This process helped us align our designs with the mental model of our users.

Process & Deliverables:


01. Deep Dive into Land Ownership Verification:

Conducted extensive research into the complex processes of legal documentation and manual land ownership record searches.

User-Centric Design Development:

Engaged in frequent meetings with stakeholders and users to develop a design focused on user needs, including the creation and testing of context scenarios.

Prototype Creation:

Developed a prototype that embodied the new design direction for Tracts.co’s software.

Design Guidelines and Specifications:

Provided comprehensive design guidelines and specifications to guide the future development of Tracts.co’s software.

Innovative Design:

Innovated new designs to effectively translate complex land ownership data into intuitive digital interfaces.

User-Oriented Interface Paradigm:

Transformed the software from a traditional data presentation approach to a more user-oriented interface, tailored to the unique processes of land acquisition for drilling.

Strategic Planning for Future Development:

Offered strategic guidance for the software’s future development, focusing on scalability and enhanced functionality.

Outcome and Results

Before and After Comparison

The project transitioned Tracts.co from a traditional approach of data presentation to a more user-oriented interface, tailored to their unique decision-making processes. This transformation was crucial for the company’s future growth and scalability.

Client Testimonial

Tracts.co ended the project with a clear vision for their product’s development, equipped with a prototype and design guidelines that were instrumental in guiding their next development phase. This project empowered Tracts.co for future advancements.

Lessons Learned

Challenges Overcome

The project’s unique challenge was designing for a highly specialized use case with no existing digital norms. Our team had to innovate from the ground up, converting complex paper-based processes into intuitive digital interfaces.

Insights Gained

The experience enhanced our understanding of the oil and gas industry's upstream sector, particularly in the nuances of land ownership for drilling purposes. This project broadened our design scope and ability to handle specialized, niche market use cases effectively.


3Leaf successfully delivered a prototype and design guidelines that laid the groundwork for Tracts.co's next phase of software development. The project not only transformed Tracts.co’s approach to data presentation but also reinforced the importance of user-centric design in complex industry contexts.

With the foundations set by this project, Tracts.co is positioned to scale its software product effectively, meeting the growing demands of their niche market. The relationship between Tracts.co and 3Leaf remains positive, reflecting the successful outcome and impact of the collaboration.

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