Discover what clients are saying about their experiences with 3Leaf. From elevating projects to world-class status to fostering collaborative design processes, our clients consistently praise our innovative approach, unwavering commitment to excellence, and seamless integration with their teams. Read on to see why 3Leaf is the go-to choice for those seeking reliable, creative, and professional UX consulting services.

Scott Mewett

CTO / Founder of RealTheory | Fractional CTO (Innovation & Startups) / Global Chief Architect of Cor Partners

“I had the pleasure of working with 3Leaf as a fractional CTO across four different client engagements, and I can confidently say that they are one of the best UX consulting firms I have ever collaborated with. Their team is composed of talented and experienced professionals who are passionate about creating user-centric and innovative solutions for complex problems.

3Leaf has a unique approach to UX design that combines applied psychology, design principles, and customer insights. They are not only able to deliver high-quality products that meet the needs and expectations of the end-users, but also to communicate effectively with the stakeholders and align the technological initiatives with the business goals and objectives.

3Leaf is also very flexible and adaptable to changing requirements and feedback. They are always open to new ideas and suggestions, and they are quick to implement them in an agile and efficient manner. They are not afraid to challenge the status quo and explore new possibilities to create the best possible user experience.

Working with 3Leaf has been a rewarding and enjoyable experience for me. They are not only great UX consultants, but also great partners. I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a reliable, creative, and professional UX consulting firm.”

Lawrence Guillory

Chief Digital Officer - Cor Partners | CEO / CoFounder of RealTheory

“Collaborating with 3Leaf on our B2B SaaS Product has been a transformative experience for our business. Thomas and his team go beyond providing mere UX solutions; they are strategic partners who elevate our projects from average to world-class.

Their innovative approach and unwavering commitment to excellence have been pivotal in driving our products to not only stand out in the FinOps & Cloud industry but also be adored by our customers, who consistently comment on how our product is “beautifully designed”.

Any team will immediately recognize the value they bring, particularly in how seamlessly they integrate with and enhance the overall design process. We highly recommend getting to know 3Leaf.”

Carl Coleman

Chief Innovation Officer - Engle Martin

“We’re practically celebrating a grand slam rollout of our new claims management platform that 3Leaf designed for us. It’s been an incredible journey to get to an outcome we’re all proud of.

In the beginning of the project we assembled the tech teams and got the agile processes in place. We then brought 3Leaf on board to help figure out how the vision of our claims platform would come together. Thomas and his team brought an assortment of methodologies that really made our team engage in the organizational problem-solving and introspection necessary for doing things the right way. Although we were already sold on the idea of UX prior to meeting 3Leaf, this was the first time many of us had seen the craft executed so richly and methodically. We were told by our tech leads to trust the process and let the UX team do their magic.

Fast forward to now, and 3Leaf has not only designed our first comprehensive in-house platform but fundamentally transformed the way our team interacts with our core processes. Our goal now is to keep up the momentum and continue creating great things with 3Leaf.”

Neil Goodrich

Chief Innovation Officer - Envista Forensics | CTO Orbie Awards Finalist

“Working with 3Leaf was our organization’s first experience with UI/UX design services and they took us to an entirely new level! Not only did they bring our ideas to life, they brought their own insights to the table to create a truly collaborative design process – resulting in an incredible product that was immediately embraced by our users.”


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