Our Work

Merigo SaaS Product Scalability

Key Challenge

The primary challenge was to transform Merigo's initial proof-of-concept into a polished interface that catered to backend gaming developers. This required understanding the unique MMO (massively multiplayer online) world and adapting complex gaming processes into an intuitive SaaS interface.

Client Profile


Backend architectures

Specializing in the development of backend architectures for online gaming, Merigo’s products are designed to support intricate gaming processes and interactions in a massively multiplayer online environment.

3Leaf's Approach

Initial Assessment

Our team undertook a month-long deep dive into the world of backend online gaming architecture. This involved conducting multiple interviews with gaming architects, studying meeting notes, and repeated meetings to grasp the complexities of the domain.

This process enabled us to effectively map out user journeys, processes, and overall product goals when developing our strategy of execution and delivery.

Strategy Development

We engaged in weekly meetings with Merigo's product team, testing ideas frequently with actual users. 3Leaf also provided strategic guidance on the software direction, given the product managers' constraints in meeting tight deadlines.

Design and Implementation

Our approach was to modernize the visual design while grounding our work in familiar consumer application patterns, ensuring the software met the serious and complex backend gaming needs. We prioritized different software aspects, focusing on simplifying the overly crowded sidebar and planning a path for scaling the software from a proof-of-concept to a market-ready product.

High-Level Deliverables:


01. Modernized Visual Design:

A dramatically updated and modernized visual design for the software to enhance user experience and market appeal.

Redesigned Interface:

A transformation of the software from a rough proof-of-concept to a polished and powerful interface.

Usability Enhancements:

Simplification and restructuring of the software’s interface, particularly addressing the overcrowded sidebar, to make it more user-friendly.

Strategic Guidance:

Providing strategic direction for the software development due to the product managers’ time constraints.

Card-Sorting Studies:

Execution of card-sorting studies using “Optimal Workshop” for testing and data collection to inform the redesign process.

Prototyping and Wireframing:

Continuous development of wireframes and prototypes, refining the software design through iterative processes.

Design Specifications:

Delivery of clear and comprehensive design specifications that were easy to interpret, reuse, and scale.

Research and Testing:

Conducting in-depth research and user testing to ensure the software met the needs and workflows of backend gaming architects.

Outcome and Results

Before and After Comparison

The project transitioned Merigo's software from a rough proof-of-concept to a polished and powerful interface, receiving positive feedback from its users.

Client Testimonial

The project concluded with Merigo possessing a more marketable and user-friendly product, capable of appealing to a broader range of backend gaming developers.

Lessons Learned

Challenges Overcome

A significant challenge was adapting the unique vocabulary and concepts of the MMO world into a SaaS environment, a domain vastly different from our typical enterprise and productivity use cases. A cornerstone of 3Leaf’s approach is our willingness to dive in and learn any industry, ultimately propelling clients to own their share of the marketplace.

Insights Gained

The project deepened our understanding of the MMO world and the specific needs of gaming users, differing from standard SaaS applications. This experience expanded our capability to design for specialized, niche tech environments.


3Leaf successfully delivered a redesigned interface for Merigo, enhancing the usability and market viability of their product. The engagement, spanning over 2 1/2 years, reflects the sustained impact and effectiveness of our collaboration.

The completion of this project has positioned Merigo to successfully meet its next level of market demands. Our ongoing relationship with Merigo demonstrates our adaptability and proficiency in catering to the unique needs of the gaming industry.

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