Product Led Growth Leaders

The 'Product Led Growth Leaders' podcast was born out of a desire to bridge the gap between innovation and leadership in the SaaS industry

Our founder, Thomas Watkins, recognized a need for a platform where the brightest minds in business and technology could converge. This podcast is more than just a series of conversations; it’s a beacon for CEOs and product owners who are shaping the future of SaaS products. It’s a space where ideas are exchanged, challenges are shared, and strategies for success are uncovered.

Think you'd be a great guest on the show?

Join us as we explore the journey of product-led 
growth and inspire a new wave of innovation in the software industry.


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Product Led Growth Leaders
17 - Designing for Impact: Unleashing the Potential of Product-Led Growth with Alison Ostendorf
Product Led Growth Leaders
16 - The Evolution of Startup Funding: Navigating Trends and Challenges with Foundersuite's Nathan Beckord
Product Led Growth Leaders
15 - The Most Affordable and Effective Psychometric Assessments for Hiring and Development with TRG International's Rick Yvanovich

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  • Your host, Thomas Watkins, talks with the Product Design, Usability, and DesignOps Consultant and Co-chair of Women In Product, Houston, Alison Ostendorf. Alison peeled back the layers of Product-Led Growth (PLG) and its transformative impact on the tech industry. Alison brings a fresh perspective from the design world, challenging the status quo of sales-led strategies.Alison[...]
  • Your host, Thomas Watkins, talks with the CEO of Foundersuite, Nathan Beckord. Venture capital is not a game of chance; it's a strategic decision-making process guided by a VC's thesis. This thesis is the bedrock of their investment choices, influenced by industry trends, personal expertise, and market predictions. Nathan shed light on the importance of[...]
  • Your host, Thomas Watkins, talks with the CEO and Founder of TRG International, Rick Yvanovich. Rick's journey is nothing short of remarkable. He discussed his experiences from the early days of computing, a time when technology was in its nascent stages, to the current era dominated by cloud computing and Software as a Service (SaaS).[...]

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Product Led Growth Leaders

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