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CLAI SaaS Product Revamp

Key Challenge

The primary challenge was the complexity of CLAI's payment systems platform. 3Leaf was tasked with understanding and simplifying this intricate system while ensuring the end product was both effective and aesthetically pleasing.

Client Profile


Sophisticated payment solutions

Situated at the nexus of financial technology and software, CLAI offers sophisticated payment solutions. Their platform, primarily serving Spanish-speaking markets, required enhancements in accessibility and user-friendliness to broaden its market appeal and reach.

3Leaf's Approach

Initial Assessment

The project began with a task analysis of the current payment system configuration process, led by CLAI’s configuration experts. This step was vital in understanding the existing workflow and identifying areas for improvement.

Strategy Development

Our strategy focused on identifying key problem areas within the legacy system. We aimed for quick, achievable wins rather than an extensive overhaul, ensuring realistic and impactful changes.

Design and Implementation

Through iterative rounds of wireframing and high-fidelity prototyping, we addressed the identified problematic areas. The focus was on transforming CLAI’s ultra-legacy software screens into a modernized, streamlined, and organized UI flow.


Task Analysis of Current Payment System:

Conducted a comprehensive analysis of the existing payment system configuration process, led by CLAI’s experts.

Strategy Focused on Key Problem Areas:

Identified and targeted key problem areas in the legacy system, aiming for quick and achievable improvements.

Wireframing and High-Fidelity Prototyping:

Developed iterative rounds of wireframes and prototypes to modernize and streamline the UI flow.

Transformation of UI Flow:

Modernized CLAI’s ultra-legacy software screens into a more organized and user-friendly interface.

Overcoming Language Barriers and Ensuring Effective Communication:

Managed language barrier challenges with CLAI’s Spanish-speaking team and ensured clear communication across language and cultural differences, facilitated by 3Leaf’s bilingual director of visual design.

Effective Prioritization in Design:

Utilized task analysis insights to effectively target areas for significant improvements.

Development of a Strategic Prototype:

Created a forward-looking prototype that marked a new direction for CLAI’s product.

Overcoming Language Barriers

A significant challenge throughout the project was the language barrier, as CLAI’s team primarily spoke Spanish. Our director of visual design, bilingual in Spanish, facilitated constant translations between both teams, ensuring smooth communication and understanding.

Outcome and Results

Before and After Comparison

The project transitioned CLAI from an outdated software interface to a modern, user-friendly UI. This shift not only improved usability but also positioned the product for broader market appeal.

Performance Metrics

The task analysis enabled us to prioritize design efforts effectively, targeting areas where significant improvements were feasible. CLAI gained a detailed understanding of improvement opportunities and a tangible new direction for their product.

Client Testimonial

CLAI recognized the significant strategic impact of the prototype developed by 3Leaf, which effectively charted a new course for their product. This prototype played a pivotal role in enabling their product manager to showcase a forward-looking vision to company executives and at industry conferences.

Lessons Learned

Challenges Overcome

Managing a complex, legacy product within a condensed timeline, coupled with a significant language barrier, presented multiple challenges.

These factors introduced several hurdles, including ensuring an accurate understanding of technical requirements and maintaining effective communication across different languages. Our team adapted to these challenges, using our diverse skill set and cultural sensitivity. To meet the demands of the technical requirements, we used robust project management strategies which, enabled us to overcome these hurdles and deliver a successful outcome that met CLAI’s needs and expectations.

Insights Gained

The project deepened our understanding of payment platforms and prepared us for future projects in similar domains. The experience underscored the critical role of clear communication, especially in international collaborations. We gained a deeper appreciation for the nuances of working across language barriers and cultural differences, learning effective strategies to bridge these gaps. This knowledge has become an integral part of our approach, ensuring we can navigate complex global projects more effectively and empathetically in the future.


3Leaf delivered a prototype that effectively demonstrated a progressive future for CLAI's product. This endeavor not only provided CLAI with a new direction but also enriched our experience in handling complex, legacy system revamps in a multilingual environment.

CLAI's journey of building their prototype has set them on a path of modernization and market expansion. While the long-term impact remains to be seen, the project has laid a solid foundation for CLAI's future growth and product development.

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