Brief Overview

A quick summary of the project, including the client's name, the type of digital product (e.g., mobile app, software program), and the primary goal (e.g., improve user engagement, enhance functionality).

Key Challenge

Highlight the main challenge or need that prompted the client to seek 3Leaf's expertise.

Client Profile

Thomas Watkins

Digital Marketer

Goals and Objectives

Specific goals the client aimed to achieve with 3Leaf's help (e.g., increase user
retention, streamline user interface).

3Leaf's Approach

Initial Assessment

Describe how 3Leaf evaluated the client's existing UI/UX, including any research or data analysis.‚Äč

Strategy Development

Outline the strategic approach taken, including any unique methodologies or tools used.

Design and Implementation

Detail the design process, including wireframes, prototypes, and user testing phases. Highlight any innovative solutions or creative elements introduced.


Discuss how 3Leaf worked alongside the client's team, ensuring alignment with their vision and feedback.

Outcome and Results

Before and After Comparison

Use visuals to show improvements in the UI/UX design.

Performance Metrics

Present data and metrics that demonstrate the impact of the new design (e.g., user engagement rates, time on task, error rates).

Client Testimonial

Include a quote or statement from the client about their experience and the benefits gained.

Lessons Learned

Challenges Overcome

Discuss any obstacles encountered during the project and how they were resolved.

Insights Gained

Share insights or knowledge gained through the project that could benefit similar future projects.


Summary of Success

Recap the project's success in meeting the client's goals and the value added by 3Leaf.

Future Outlook

Briefly mention any ongoing support or future projects planned with the client.

Visuals and Supplementary Material

Before And After


Process Snapshots

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